3 Fashions Tips from Someone With Experience

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3 Fashions Tips from Someone With Experience

Complete Guide to Adding Beauty with Body Jewelry

In the ancient times, jewelry was worn to express the power and social standing of the bearer as it symbolized exclusivity and no common person could wear it. Usually, only religious figures and political leaders were allowed to use jewelry because there were more of special symbols for wealth and power as well as talismans and essential pieces for rituals. In certain groups of society, people use jewelry to make a statement by having piercings using body jewelry.

Some individuals who used body piercings were known as punk and they are usually considered as outcasts in the society. They are often seen using tattered, non-traditional outfits in black or other austere and subdued colors. They have body jewelry and piercings in the areas of their body that were considered as absurd. The most common was the numerous ear piercings that is done to accommodate a number of earnings in a single ear.

As time passes, eyebrow, tongue and nose piercings were introduced as many individuals have pushed for further expectations. These certain body jewelry and piercings are simply found on the face, so other individuals have become more creative by adding other form of piercings. The whole body jewelry is used to adorn other body parts, such as the nipple and body rings or in other sensitive parts of the human body. These types of body jewelry and piercings were previously considered taboo, but the present society already starts to accept these types of adornment.
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Even though it is still considered bold and different, body piercing and matching jewelry have gained acceptance and popularity, specifically among artists, and become part of pop culture. A wide variety of jewelry designs are already available in the market aside from the old punk look. They come in various shapes and sized that permit the most popular pop icons to even have reverse belly rings on their flat belly and look more attractive.
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Traditional jewelry stores could find it impossible to have jewelry for body piercing, so it helps to find a body piercing jewelry store to suit your sense of style and preference. If you want to try this kind of art but you are rather scared, you must always remember to have the hygienic way with qualified individuals to avoid infections and other sorts of concerns. Proper hygiene is still important also after piercing to make certain that the piercing will properly heal. Taking vitamin C regularly can help to quickly and appropriately mend the wound.

Pain is one more factor that makes some individuals to be uncertain to piercing and body jewelry. Just keep in mind that some body parts are most susceptible to pain that the others. Fatty areas are less painful when pierced compared to more body or cartilage-based areas. Your choice of the body part/s to pierce greatly matters to add beauty with body jewelry.