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How to Pick a Great Paper Shredder

Intimus shredders come in many sizes, capacities and sizes. If you choose the right paper shredder it will save you time and money. It is not difficult to choose the right paper shredders you as the buyer will have to answer a few questions that will enable you to eliminate the paper shredder. It is important to consider the complaints that you have heard about a paper shredding machine. Some of the complaints that arise about a paper shredding machine is that they keep on jamming, they don’t shred staples, they overheat regularly and you keep on changing the bag. You can eliminate these problems by following these tips.

If your paper shredder keeps on jamming you may be shredding so many papers. When you are purchasing a shredding machine it is important to know how many papers it can shred and how many papers you want to shred. Many are the times that manufacturers will hype up their paper shredders. These manufacturers will always tell you the amount of paper it can shredder even before you run the machine yourself. For you to purchase their product they will always give you a higher number than what the machine can handle.

When you are purchasing a paper shredder it is important to get a paper shredder that will shred at least 20% more papers than you require. Also consider the fact that the volume of your shredding may increase over the years when you are buying a paper shredder.

Not all paper shredders are manufactured to be a shred the papers continuously. These machines have a fail safe that turns off the motor once it has overheated. The reason why the shredder machine turns off it to prevent the motor from being damaged. You can opt to buy a continuous paper shredder which does not turn off because the motor is thermally protected. It is advisable to buy this type of shredding machine even if you will not be shredding papers continually. There will come a time in the office when you will need to shred many papers than the usual. When you are shopping for a shredding machine you should look for a continuous shredding as a feature.

You should also ask yourself how fast the paper shredder fills in the bin. A strip cut paper shredder will fill up a bin 60 times faster than a cross cut paper shredder. Cut cross paper shredder will cut the papers into small pieces and then compact them on the bin that is why they don’t fill up quickly. It is important to purchase a paper shredding machine that can shred the staples because this is every employees desire. If you maintain your shredding machine carefully, it will serve you for a long time.

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