How I Became An Expert on Oils

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How I Became An Expert on Oils

Olive Oil – A Gift Given to us for Generations

The Mediterranean olive dates back 6000 years and was native to Iran, Syria and Palestine and then from there, it spread to the Mediterranean basin. According to the Bible, an olive leaf was that which a dove brought back to Noah, as an indication the great flood waters were abating while, for a fact, it is also one of the earliest known cultivated trees.

A rocky subsoil suits the olive tree well and it also thrives best in a sunny position and climate. Many items such as gourmet cooking utensils is what olive wood is being crafted into and also considered valuable for its durability. The olive tree, although it experiences slow growth, still lives very long and further proof of this is the fact that the olive trees on Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, are reportedly over 2000 years old. Since olive leaves are silver gray-green, and possesses the health qualities of “olive leaf extract” which is pressed from them, it is commonly believed the Bible passage of “the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine,” refers to the olive tree. In the 1960’s researchers reported that oleuropein, which is a bitter substance extracted from olive leaves, lowers blood pressure in animals, which causes immediate medicinal interest in the olive leaf.

For the Minoan Kingdom, the olive is believed to be a source of wealth while in Egyptian tombs dating back as far as 2000 BC, olives have also been found. The use of olive oil has been advocated by many religions and cultures such as the Greeks spreading the usage of olives to the Romans who, in turn, spread it across their vast empire. The fact that olive oil is anointed to the early Greek Kings and was also used to anoint winning Olympic athletes is only saying that olive oil is recognized for healthy benefits for both the inner and outward body.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Oils

Some research indicates extra-virgin olive oil is the most digestible of the edible fats since olive oil also helps to assimilate vitamins A, D and K in the human body. Aside from helping liver, bile, and intestinal functions, the benefits of consuming olive oil includes slowing down the aging process. Cold pressed olive oil which destroy vital nutrients, is a pressing process requiring no heat or chemicals. This olive oil is generally the best to use for cooking and healthy cuisine because olive oil is valued for its culinary attributes and organoleptic virtues, these being the flavor, bouquet or aroma, and color.Practical and Helpful Tips: Oils