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It is no secret that the economy is having an adverse affect on the auto industry as an entire. Left within the new automobile they usually even gave us a free tank of fuel and a key chain.Overall experience was nice besides the salesperson had a tobacco odor that we didn’t need the new automotive to odor like cigarette smoke.Other than that we can’t complain at all. I dont know if I want to do business with a company that likes to bash its competitions status.dealershipdealershipdealership

So glad you’ve got determined to keep your weblog active it actually offers one a chance to examine dangerous enterprise tactics and workers in addition to letting us inform others how we actually really feel.I will not get into detail because it might take too long to post so I’ll simply say that my experience with this supplier was horrible. Our dealership is conveniently situated and open at hours convenient to automotive shoppers.

Today we went to the dealership happliy to choose up the new automotive for my mother in law. When you get towed in you may be tempted to have the truck dealership pay for the tow invoice and add it to …