The New Look (1950’s Style)

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The New Look (1950’s Style)

As we were sitting in front of the TV one evening, my good friend showed me an image of a gorgeous Fifties-style costume on her smartphone and sighed, Ohh, the ’50s were great…” I mention how beautiful the gown is and chorus from commenting on her statement. It was an era like no other for spotting future trend and wonder icons, too, as newcomers Marilyn Monroe , Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn had been the primary to showcase new concepts – from the bikini to the IT bag, to Christian Dior’s New Look.

First seen in 1952 at a Dior vogue show (designed by Roger Vivier), stilettos skyrocketed into popularity after master shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo created a pair of metal-reinforced stilettos for Marilyn Monroe in 1955. A few of the world’s most famous vogue icons at this time equivalent to Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, and David Beckham recurrently wear their hair or take pleasure in a style of vogue clearly closely influenced by that of the 1950s.

In 1951 the fashion world appeared unsettled on exactly the place the waistline needs to be. Many designers, especially Dior, employed various methods that brought the waistline greater. Girls sporting attire generally opted for patterns with full skirts and a fitted bodice. Working men throughout the 2000s usually opted for slender fitting pants topped with two-buttoned blazer jackets, a button-down shirt, and a thin tie. Some necklines rose within the entrance, however dropped to nearly nonexistence on evening attire.

In direction of the end of the decade, many younger males adopted the more tailored, British-influenced Teddy Boy fashion of dress – high-waisted, narrow ‘drain pipe’ trousers, lengthy jackets, slim ties and large, shiny pointed shoes called ‘winklepickers’.

Men still did nationwide service and this had an effect of a ‘uniform’ mentality method to dress of sporting pressed, neat clean clothing. In relation to clothing of the 1970’s… the so-known as disco era… long hair for each women and men had been the norm. In distinction to the complete skirted New Look, Chanel who had reopened her trend home in 1954 started to provide boxy classic Chanel swimsuit jackets and slim skirts in braid trimmed, highly textured tweeds.